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Hello! My name is Hannah Mandias. I’m REALLY bad at bios.

I’m currently attending CalState Long Beach as a pre-marine biology major. I’m an avid lover of the ocean and all things artsy. Additionally, I always try my best to be an optimistic and loving person despite my distinct imperfections.

Although I’m a naturally shy person, I’m the kind of person who loves to listen to others and cherishes every friendship that they have. If you need a good friend or just someone to listen to you then hmu!

3 thoughts on “self-introduction

  1. Hey Hannah!

    This is fantastic!

    One small piece of advice, introverts like you and me are often prone to write things like “I’m really bad at bios.” This is known as “impostor complex”. We “know” we’re not worthy, so we try to cover our presumed inadequacy with a caveat like “I’m really bad at bios.” Which is kind of like saying “in case you weren’t even going to notice, let me emphasize that I suck”. In fact your bio, while short, is quite nice. In fact, most Art110 students don’t even bother posting bios, so your “inadequate” bio is actually way above average.

    So I guess my advice is “don’t apologize for being you!” Just take the heat! You know all those silly TV commercials where they say things like “never let them see you sweat”? There’s some truth to that. If somebody doesn’t like your work – that’s their problem – no need to announce that for them. And sure you can always strive to do better. But that doesn’t require feeling bad about whatever you were able to do today.

    Thanks Hannah! Your website is awesome!

    I hope you’ll also post something Marine Biology here!

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    1. Hi Glenn! I remember you talking about being an introvert in class and I felt like I could relate. It’s funny because now I realize I tend to do that a lot: have an impostor complex. I guess I’m just scared of “taking the heat.” I’ve always been afraid of people judging me and I guess that’s one of my many things I need to work on. Thanks for your words of encouragement! I’m really grateful to have an awesome instructor like you. And yes, hopefully I can stick with this website and continue to blog about things other than this class! Like marine biology 🙂

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