Waiting for normal

At the start of this semester, I knew I had to get my life together. I needed to be on top of each of my classes, do all my homework, be more organized and be a lot more punctual. I actually had confidence in myself to achieve these tasks because being a student and owning  up to things I need to improve on are basically the only things I’m actually decent at.

But as usual, things didn’t work out that way.

I should be at school. I should be doing schoolwork or anything productive for that matter. But today is one of those days where I wish things would just stop for a change. Right now I wish I could stop being overwhelmed by the bad in my life and focus on the potential for good.

Yet here I am, running away from my responsibilities again. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I ever do. Run away from my problems and my insecurities. I realize that we as human beings can never reach a guaranteed pinnacle of happiness. It’s always going to be up and down for us. That’s human right? I wonder how others deal with their downs. I often feel like I am unable to do that.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a tunnel of darkness. I’m trying to feel my way around for an exit but there isn’t one. I wonder if other people feel this way too sometimes. I wonder if that’s normal.


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