Week 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat Drawing

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to class on Thursday for personal reasons, so I don’t have any of my own snapchats or conversations.

Here are two of my classmates’ snapchat drawings:

My friend Cathy’s snapchat from that day. So aesthetic.


Anthony’s snapchat of him holding fire. He’s trying to contain his hotness.

Although these two were my favorites of the day, I really enjoyed looking at the all the snapchats. It’s interesting how creative people can get with emojis and drawing tools via snapchat. I personally believe that anyone can be creative. Even using an app like snapchat as an art medium, you can see true artistic potential.

Sometimes I feel like all the time I spend on social media is detrimental to my creative process. However, this shows that it’s possible that social media can be used as an artistic outlet if used with such intentions.

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