Wk 5 – Art Experience – Coiffure

This week the students in my art class had to pick between three things to experiment with: cuisine, couture, or coiffure. I picked coiffure.

  1. a person’s hairstyle, typically an elaborate one.

There has been an online trend I’ve been stumbling onto a lot lately that has become somewhat popular. It’s called glitter roots. It’s perhaps one of the most peculiar beauty trends of 2015, but whatever opinion you have on it you have to admit that it is very eye-catching.

blow hair glitter | #beauty #hairstyle:

It’s definitely not a look that you’d rock on an everyday basis, but nonetheless I thought I’d have some fun and try it out. There are many glitter root tutorials online, but the process is very straightforward.

Step 1: Pick what color/type of glitter you want to use.

One of the tutorials that I watched said that it’d be better to use large glitter as opposed to the finer glitter. It’ll be a lot easier to wash out of your hair afterwards.

Out of all the glitter root pictures online, I really liked how the silver & purple glitter looked (plus I felt like it’d made a good contrast against my black hair) so I decided to get that color combination.

Step 2: Buy some hair gel & glitter.

Since I’m a broke college student, I went on a hunt for the cheapest hair gel and glitter that I could find. I purchased this hair gel for a little over a dollar at target. The glitter was a little more difficult to find (my local Target, Rite Aid, & Big Lots all don’t carry glitter?!) but fortunately I have a nice friend who was willing to give me a ride to Michael’s.












Step 3: Style your hair however you like.

This step is entirely up to you. You could simply part your hair and leave it down, put it up in a bun, or braid it. Either way, you’ll still look fabulous in the end! Glitter tends to have that effect.

This is completely optional, but applying coconut oil to your hair beforehand will make it a lot easier to wash out the glitter later on. I recommend putting it in before styling your hair.

Step 4: Mix gel & glitter in a small bowl.

There isn’t really a specific glitter to gel ratio. Just go with however much you think is right.

Step 5: Apply the glitter gel to your hair.

This part can get a bit messy. If you have a hair tinting brush it’d probably be easier to use that. However if you don’t mind having glittery hands you can use your hands to apply the glitter (it washes off of course).

Step 6: Let the gel dry.

You could let it air dry, but using a blow-dryer really speeds up the process.

Finished! Although I definitely don’t think that this is a hairstyle for casual everyday wear, I think it could be appropriate for concerts or parties.

My results. It looks pretty messy, but I had a lot of fun doing it!

I documented my glitter roots experience and put it all together into one video. If you want to watch it, click here!

As usual, I really enjoyed this week’s assignment. Although I picked coiffure I think I would’ve enjoyed experimenting with cuisine or couture equally as much. Fashion & food are two of my favorite things! I am definitely the least experienced when it comes to hairstyles, so I’m glad I had this opportunity to experiment with coiffure.

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