I Need Equality

I need equality because a majority of the world doesn’t know that feminism = equality.

I need it because I had a teacher in highschool who had the audacity to tell me and my friend that we would have troubled love lives because we believe in the equality of all genders.

Because that same teacher “taught” us as part of his lecture that decisions in any healthy relationship should always be made by the male.

Because I personally know boys who think that it’s a turn off when a woman makes more money than them. (They explicitly stated that they would never marry someone who has a higher income than they do.)

I need equality because I live in a society where every single girl that I’ve ever interacted with has felt or still feels insecure about their body shape & size, simply because it’s not up to par with “the ideal body type” and its standards.

Because just last week, two of my friends told me that women aren’t fit for important roles in life because they “always let their emotions get in the way of everything.” (One of whom was a woman herself.) 

I need it because after my passionate & appropriately heated response, I was told that I had just proved their point. Then I was told that the fact that women still struggle for equality proves that we don’t deserve it in the first place.

I need equality because all of our country’s social and economical problems are mostly being blamed on immigrants & minorities.

It’s a necessity because of the wage gap between different genders & ethnicities:   

I need equality because a majority of the world believe that sexism & racism isn’t an issue anymore, when it clearly is to this day.

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