Week 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

Last Thursday my art class held several differently themed photo walks with locations on campus. 

I chose Dorothy McMahon’s walk because I love water displays. Here is her description of the photowalk we went on.

My walk will take students to the different water displays we have on campus. From the fountain to the Japanese garden. To take photos of the water and the art that has gone into presenting it.

Here are a couple of the photos that I took!

This photo is of the water display in front of the Macintosh building on campus. 

Unfortunately for some reason there was no water to be seen (probably in an attempt to conserve the campus’s resources) but it was still a good place to take photographs. I love the contrast between the sculpture and its surroundings. I’ve never seen this water display working before so hopefully I can catch a glimpse in the future.

A couple of pictures of one of the most distinguishable landmarks on our school’s campus.

I honestly really love this fountain. I remember that during SOAR (CSULB’s student orientation) my group of freshmen were told that this is the destination for school photos, and I can see why. This water display looks really cool & unique. I think it represents our school’s abundance of academic diversity; a beautifully functional combination of both science, engineering, and art.

Some ducks chilling by the fountain.

I’ve never seen ducks hanging around the fountain, but they are just too adorable. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures of the cute couple!

Beautiful Koi fish in the Japanese Gardens.

Lastly, here’s a picture I took of some Koi. They’ve always been one of my favorite types of fish and our school has many beautiful ones. I live at Parkside so luckily the Japanese Gardens are a short walk away. I love to come here, feed the fish and just relax surrounded by the beauty of the garden. This was definitely my favorite part of the photowalk.

When I took these photos, I was looking for a minimalistic type of aesthetic. I wanted to take photos that showcase the beauty of our campus and show that it’s more than just a place for academic endeavors.

I think that my photowalk guide picked good locations to take us to. The water displays on campus were definitely great and interesting subjects for our photos. However, I expected my guide to do just that: guide us. Not only show us where to go, but also guide us through a little bit of history about the significance of these magnificent water displays. There was no communication between the guide and our group at all. We just followed her wherever she went. I think it would’ve been a lot more interesting if she had provided some sort of narration to our walk.

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