Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

This week our art class divided into groups and worked on a video project. Personally I loathe group projects and since I have a lot of tests coming up, Anthony and I agreed to do something simple. I feel as though video productions tend to be very time consuming so making a simple music cover seemed the most appealing. Luckily enough, Anthony happens to have a bomb voice 🙂

I already was familiar with how to play this song on the ukulele and Anthony (somewhat) knew the words, so we just sat in his car and shot a few takes. Anthony used his camera and edited and uploaded the video online! (He gets 90% of the credit tbh)

5 thoughts on “Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

  1. Hey Hannah & Anthony, this is a really simple, beautiful video!

    I’d like to show it in class tomorrow… but then I thought… hmm… the only thing that would be cooler than playing your video in class, would be to have you guys do the song live in class!

    What do you think?

    I’m giving you 30/25 for the activity (or at least I’m giving Hannah 30/25… I would give Anthony the same if he posted something!! 😛

    If you’d like to do it live, I’ll give you 30 more for the live performance.

    LMK! 😀

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      1. There’s a microphone on the podium – maybe Anthony can use that one to sing.

        And there’s the wireless handheld that we normally use in class – maybe we can put that one on a mic stand and point it at your ukulele.


  2. Hi Hannah, I’m really loving your blog! The Art110 stuff is really nice, and the additional pieces, Essays on Equality, Trips to The Getty, etc, are fantastic!

    A lot of student websites have a sort of “turn in my homework” feel to them, but you’ve really made your website your own. Bravo!! It looks great, feels like you, and is just a pleasure to experience. I’d like to give you a few extra points for the nice work, you’ll find them under the Wk 7 Art Exp points.

    Keep up the nice work Hannah! Shout if you have any questions or need any help with your site ever. Haha, look at me, I already have one piece of unsolicited advice for you… you’re using a “blog” theme on your site – looks very nice – but it means that I have to scroll and scroll to see what’s there. If someone is a regular reader, that can work nicely. But for someone just visiting your site for the first time, perhaps they won’t ever see the 1 piece that they’d connect with the most. What do you think about an “Excerpt” or “Preview” or “Portfolio” theme for your site? If you look at our class site:

    You don’t see any 1 post on the home page, but you see a number of choices and can go wherever interests you most. The “Cubic” theme is another style that does something similar. Aaron and some of your other classmates use it:

    There are many other free “portfolio” style themes available. For sure you don’t necessarily need to change anything! But I like your work so much I just thought I’d see your thoughts on the style / accessibility of your site. If you do want to think about your theme, just look through all the free themes, you’ll probably find something that really feels right to you.

    Thanks Hannah!

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