Wk 8 – Art Experience – Almira M. Nikravesh

 Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Hydrocal and MDF (medium-density fibreboard)

Gallery: Merlino

Instagram: @almiranikravesh

Almira M. Nikravesh is a senior here at CSULB. She is working towards earning her Bachelor of Fine Art and specializes in making sculptures. In her free time she loves to go to the gym and lift weights. She believes that “sculpting does not restrict you from anything. You can be influenced by many mediums and pursue sculptures in that way.” When it comes to choosing media, she likes to mix and match to see what looks best together (like picking an outfit).

As soon as I laid eyes on this exhibit, I was enamored by its mysterious and simplistic aesthetic. I immediately wondered what the underlying meanings behind the rug and pairs of feet were. Each of the foot sculptures seemed to be meticulously placed, not one out of order. I have never seen a sculpture similar to the one that mimicked a Persian rug. Both elements of the exhibit, the feet and the rug, were perfectly symmetrical. This created an almost pristine atmosphere.

Nikravesh’s central sculpture was inspired by a silk rug that her father had invested in when she was a child. Since silk rugs are very expensive, she constantly had to avoid stepping on it. The sculptures of her feet are in relation to the rug. In this way, Nikravesh’s sculpture relates to her life and Iranian culture. She created such a mysterious piece because her intent is to have people ponder/reflect on her work.

I loved everything about this exhibit. The way that Nikravesh placed her sculptures was so orderly that I felt a sense of satisfaction gazing at her work. I feel as though her style is very modest yet meaningful. Without an explicit explanation of her artwork, its meaning could be interpreted in an infinite number of ways.

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