Wk 9 – Art Experience – Character Bio

Hannah is a citizen of Moonbase Alpha. After she was born, Hannah was dropped off at the front step of a local monastery. She has no knowledge of her background or where she came from, but she doesn’t really care. The nuns raised her to be a kind and loving person. She spends her free time caring for those in need. She collects beautiful stones and enjoys the little things in life.

Her hair is the color of rose Quartz. Her favorite past-time is taking the train and travelling to beautiful places on her own. Although she lives in the city, she feels the most at ease when she is isolated in the beauty of nature. She keeps a book of sketches from the places she’s visited.
Cathy – Hannah met Cathy during one of her spontaneous trips. They sat next to each other on the train and discovered they had many things in common and became friends quite quickly.

Eugene Fitzherbert – Since Eugene and Cathy are childhood friends, Hannah met Eugene through her.

Alexa Luna – Alexa regularly attends mass at Hannah’s church, so they have been friends for a while now.

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