Wk 13 – Art Experience – Drawing (French Girls)










This week I experimented with digital art through the app called “French girls” (best app name ever)! It’s an iOS phone app in which you can draw pictures of other people or other people can draw pictures of you. You can even do commissions through the app, although French Girls charges $5 per commission to go back to them. I think this is a really great way for those not really experienced with complex programs like photoshop to try out digital art.

I used to draw things using photoshop in middle school, so this experience was somewhat nostalgic for me. However before I figured out how the app worked, I was very confused.

My first attempt on French Girls.

I hadn’t yet realized that I could change the size of my pencil strokes, zoom in to do details, or adjust the opacity of the colors.

My re-do of the first picture I tried to draw.

Afterwards I looked at different artists’ work on the app. Here are a couple that I really loved:

After being inspired by the different techniques and styles that others used, I drew two more drawings. I thoroughly love using this app to draw! My absolute favorite things to draw are faces. I’ve shown these pictures to my friends and family and they refuse to believe I drew them on my iPhone!

I actually found it very relaxing to draw on French Girls. I plan to continue using this app to draw for fun and hopefully in the future receive commissions.

If you want to see my art or commission me, my username on French Girls is @hannibear!

Here are two drawings of my selfies done by other artists on the app:

The first drawing was done by a stranger, and the second was drawn by my talented best friend 🙂 I told her about how fun this app is and she downloaded it and drew me! I really love it ❤

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