Wk 14 – Activity Feedback

My three favorite art activities this semester and why:

Plaster casting at the beach: This was one of the first art experiences of the semester, and I really loved it. Before this, I had never made plaster castings before. In addition, it was just a lot of fun to go to the beach on a school day and just relax. Glenn’s iced tea was delicious and it was a wonderful day. I truly feel bad for the students that couldn’t make it to the beach that day. Although I haven’t really come up with a use for my hand casting (which came out pretty darn good btw) it was a fun experience overall.

Drawing via French Girls: Although I did this art activity as an alternative to the art care packages, it was undoubtedly my favorite of the semester. In my post about instagram, I shed some light on my experiences with social media. It’s only been a week since I joined the art community of French Girls (a drawing app where you can share your art and even get commissioned) and I have absolutely fallen in love. I haven’t had much time to draw this semester on account of my classes and health problems, but something about using the app is so easy and so fun. Other artists who also use the app made me feel so welcomed. I didn’t feel judged in the slightest. I feel like I can fully express myself through my art, not having to feel the pressure to be something I’m not. I wish the whole class got to do this art activity. It would’ve been interesting to see everyone showcase their different art styles.

Instagram: Even though I have deleted all my social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. It was cool to look up our class’s hashtag and see all the different things we did that day. One thing that I enjoyed about Instagram when I still had one was the way it was somewhat like a photo-diary. Coincidentally that day was probably the best day of my whole semester, and I’m glad I have those memories captured with photos to look back on.

My three least favorite art activities and why:

Photowalk: I think this was mostly a bad experience for me because my guide didn’t really talk to our group. We just followed her everywhere and it was really awkward so I honestly just left in the middle of it to go to the gym. Also to top it all off it was a hot day and I was not down to walk back and forth everywhere. So I just visited the Japanese garden on my own time. Thankfully I really enjoyed the actual photography part of this assignment and writing the blog post about my photos.

Turning Pages: In the beginning of the semester I knew when I looked at our agenda of activities that there were going to be some things near the end of the year that I would either not like or be too lazy to do. (This was why I did so much extra credit in the beginning of the year.) I realize that this class covers a broad spectrum of visual arts and a lot of people who take it might just be trying to finish a GE, but I really wish more of our activities had to do with hands-on conventional art (such as the drawing, photography, or plaster casting activities).

Geocaching: I don’t really get geocaching. I remember in the beginning of the semester I googled it because I didn’t know what it was. And even now, I still don’t really understand it. I get the basic process of the whole thing, but how is this a form of visual art? I think it’s kind of cool and definitely something that I can see other people doing as a hobby, but I find it irrelevant to the experiences that I was hoping to get out of this class.

Art 110 in general: This class was undoubtedly my favorite that I’ve taken at CSULB. I think it’s brilliant how we turn in assignments by posting them on our blogs. In addition, you can tell that Glenn puts a lot of hard work into our activities to make them interesting and fun. He really pushes us to think past art stereotypes and encourages us to see art in a modern-day light. Originally, I was skeptical of whether or not I should take this class because like I mentioned earlier I was definitely looking for more of a traditional art class with an emphasis on painting and drawing. However I’m really glad I took this class. It was an easygoing time to look forward to between my other hectic and demanding classes.

What could make this class better?: Honestly, I really disliked the group discussions. Often the groups I was placed in mostly had an attitude of “I really don’t want to be here or talking to you.” But perhaps this was just because I’m generally an unlucky person. I would try and initiate discussions with others in my group but to no avail. The group discussions were bearable, but I really dreaded them. Other than that I think the class is fabulous and I’ve already recommended it to a number of my friends.

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