Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation 

Katherine Pantoja is a Mexican-American freshmen here at CSULB. She’s currently undeclared, but plans to double major in sociology and creative writing. She felt compelled to follow this path because of her love for writing/reading young adult fiction and the sociology class she took on campus last semester. Katherine is from South Gate.

Her hobbies include going to the cinema and dyeing her super awesome unicorn-esque hair! She LOVES to travel, and has been to Cancun, Rosarito, and Michoacan which is where her parents are from. Katherine’s biggest pet peeves are when people chew with their mouths open, and also when people don’t use their turn signals when driving.

Katherine is such an awesome person and I loved talking with her! You can check out her blog here!

Wk 14 – Art Experience – Drawing in the Japanese Gardens

I really enjoyed this weeks art experience! Sitting down and drawing was what I was looking forward to most in this class. Although I love to draw, I’m not very good at drawing scenery or drawing anything under the timespan of less than 2 hours for that matter. Overall it was a good and relaxing experience. The photography portion was also enjoyable. I felt as though I needed to think outside the box because I’ve never considered photography as “abstract” before.

Representational drawings:

Abstract drawings:

Abstract photos:

Representational photos:

The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens – EC Response & Analysis

Earlier today, I read “The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens” by Elspeth Reeve. Ironically, I found it very relatable. In this article, the term relatable is given a new meaning: “a thought, feeling or idea that resonates with others.” It was interesting to see how those outside of the tumblr phenomenon viewed the teenagers behind it. I thought this article was especially compelling because I was one of the millions of teenagers who were caught up in tumblr.

I made my current tumblr on June 1st, 2010. I was 12 years old and very, very bored. One day during the summer I stumbled upon tumblr. I thought it was the absolute best thing I have ever seen. There were pretty photos, relatable quotes, hilarious jokes, and other teens like me who had nothing better to do with their time. Although I never really caught on to the concept of how to make my blog content worthy of gaining thousands of followers daily (I’ve never been a popular person, online or in real life) but I loved being able to escape reality through tumblr.

Elspeth specifically writes about a particularly infamous tumblr user called “pizza”. Pizza was one of those blogs that basically everyone followed. She was a huge influence on the tumblr community. At the pinnacle of her online career she had accumulated 1 million followers. Funnily enough, I remember following her blog in middle school.

Back then I had no idea how people made money off of being internet-famous. I didn’t realize there were people such as Zach Lilley and Jeremy Greenfield who spend their entire careers finding ways to monetize social media such as tumblr, instagram, and youtube. And honestly, although Elspeth labels the majority of internet-famous teens as brilliant and strategic… they’re not. Most of them are popular because they have pretty faces/know which angle of them looks best on camera. So many of the viral stars I see online don’t even have real talent or a legitimate reason they’re famous. Ultimately, they just got lucky. It’s really sad to see how many people are famous online for trivial reasons vs those who actually have good intentions (rather than the fame or money).

Before I permanently deleted my instagram, I noticed that many “insta-famous” accounts that I followed were now almost exclusively posting pictures promoting brands and products. Many youtubers I follow also do the same thing with their videos. I realize that they’re trying to make extra money, but if you already have hundreds of thousands of followers on your social media and millions of views then you already get paid plenty. I can’t help but feel that these websites which were once mainly about sharing your life with others or expressing your thoughts/opinions are now all about the money. I feel as though that takes away greatly from the enjoyment of using social media.

Wk 13 – Art Experience – Drawing (French Girls)










This week I experimented with digital art through the app called “French girls” (best app name ever)! It’s an iOS phone app in which you can draw pictures of other people or other people can draw pictures of you. You can even do commissions through the app, although French Girls charges $5 per commission to go back to them. I think this is a really great way for those not really experienced with complex programs like photoshop to try out digital art.

I used to draw things using photoshop in middle school, so this experience was somewhat nostalgic for me. However before I figured out how the app worked, I was very confused.

My first attempt on French Girls.

I hadn’t yet realized that I could change the size of my pencil strokes, zoom in to do details, or adjust the opacity of the colors.

My re-do of the first picture I tried to draw.

Afterwards I looked at different artists’ work on the app. Here are a couple that I really loved:

After being inspired by the different techniques and styles that others used, I drew two more drawings. I thoroughly love using this app to draw! My absolute favorite things to draw are faces. I’ve shown these pictures to my friends and family and they refuse to believe I drew them on my iPhone!

I actually found it very relaxing to draw on French Girls. I plan to continue using this app to draw for fun and hopefully in the future receive commissions.

If you want to see my art or commission me, my username on French Girls is @hannibear!

Here are two drawings of my selfies done by other artists on the app:

The first drawing was done by a stranger, and the second was drawn by my talented best friend 🙂 I told her about how fun this app is and she downloaded it and drew me! I really love it ❤

Wk 9 – Art Experience – Character Bio

Hannah is a citizen of Moonbase Alpha. After she was born, Hannah was dropped off at the front step of a local monastery. She has no knowledge of her background or where she came from, but she doesn’t really care. The nuns raised her to be a kind and loving person. She spends her free time caring for those in need. She collects beautiful stones and enjoys the little things in life.

Her hair is the color of rose Quartz. Her favorite past-time is taking the train and travelling to beautiful places on her own. Although she lives in the city, she feels the most at ease when she is isolated in the beauty of nature. She keeps a book of sketches from the places she’s visited.
Cathy – Hannah met Cathy during one of her spontaneous trips. They sat next to each other on the train and discovered they had many things in common and became friends quite quickly.

Eugene Fitzherbert – Since Eugene and Cathy are childhood friends, Hannah met Eugene through her.

Alexa Luna – Alexa regularly attends mass at Hannah’s church, so they have been friends for a while now.

I Need Equality

I need equality because a majority of the world doesn’t know that feminism = equality.

I need it because I had a teacher in highschool who had the audacity to tell me and my friend that we would have troubled love lives because we believe in the equality of all genders.

Because that same teacher “taught” us as part of his lecture that decisions in any healthy relationship should always be made by the male.

Because I personally know boys who think that it’s a turn off when a woman makes more money than them. (They explicitly stated that they would never marry someone who has a higher income than they do.)

I need equality because I live in a society where every single girl that I’ve ever interacted with has felt or still feels insecure about their body shape & size, simply because it’s not up to par with “the ideal body type” and its standards.

Because just last week, two of my friends told me that women aren’t fit for important roles in life because they “always let their emotions get in the way of everything.” (One of whom was a woman herself.) 

I need it because after my passionate & appropriately heated response, I was told that I had just proved their point. Then I was told that the fact that women still struggle for equality proves that we don’t deserve it in the first place.

I need equality because all of our country’s social and economical problems are mostly being blamed on immigrants & minorities.

It’s a necessity because of the wage gap between different genders & ethnicities:   

I need equality because a majority of the world believe that sexism & racism isn’t an issue anymore, when it clearly is to this day.