Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

Automatic drawing is holding a pen/pencil with both hands along with another person, until it starts drawing “on its own.” I took a time-lapse video of the process. It might look like we scribbled around just a little bit, but we were sitting there for a solid 30-ish minutes before anything started happening.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

The results of my automatic drawing.

In the past I’ve seen some articles about a mother (who is incidentally also an amazing artist) that lets her child scribble on canvases before she uses her artistic talent to take the drawings a huge step further. You can read the article here. I was inspired by that idea to make out whatever I could from our automatic drawing (in this case I saw a body of a dragon) and just went with it.

Although expanding on our huge scribble wasn’t part of the assignment, I thought it’d be fun and interesting. I drew this in a short amount of time so it’s definitely not perfect and I wish I could’ve made it more detailed. However overall this was a fun experience. As a full-time student that barely has any time to do things I find enjoyable, I’ll jump at any opportunity I have to draw.

MUSIC: “Okami – Wavebird” by ChildMe


The final drawing (I drew this in a very short amount of time, hence the messiness).


Wk 8 – Art Experience – Almira M. Nikravesh

 Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Hydrocal and MDF (medium-density fibreboard)

Gallery: Merlino

Instagram: @almiranikravesh

Almira M. Nikravesh is a senior here at CSULB. She is working towards earning her Bachelor of Fine Art and specializes in making sculptures. In her free time she loves to go to the gym and lift weights. She believes that “sculpting does not restrict you from anything. You can be influenced by many mediums and pursue sculptures in that way.” When it comes to choosing media, she likes to mix and match to see what looks best together (like picking an outfit).

As soon as I laid eyes on this exhibit, I was enamored by its mysterious and simplistic aesthetic. I immediately wondered what the underlying meanings behind the rug and pairs of feet were. Each of the foot sculptures seemed to be meticulously placed, not one out of order. I have never seen a sculpture similar to the one that mimicked a Persian rug. Both elements of the exhibit, the feet and the rug, were perfectly symmetrical. This created an almost pristine atmosphere.

Nikravesh’s central sculpture was inspired by a silk rug that her father had invested in when she was a child. Since silk rugs are very expensive, she constantly had to avoid stepping on it. The sculptures of her feet are in relation to the rug. In this way, Nikravesh’s sculpture relates to her life and Iranian culture. She created such a mysterious piece because her intent is to have people ponder/reflect on her work.

I loved everything about this exhibit. The way that Nikravesh placed her sculptures was so orderly that I felt a sense of satisfaction gazing at her work. I feel as though her style is very modest yet meaningful. Without an explicit explanation of her artwork, its meaning could be interpreted in an infinite number of ways.

Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Lainie Le

This week I talked with Lainie.

Lainie and I met a couple of weeks ago, but have never had the opportunity to  actually get to know each other until now. She’s super sweet and it was fun talking to her!

Lainie is a first year student here at CSULB. Although she is undeclared, she is leaning towards either a business or accounting major.

She claims that she has no hobbies, but she enjoys watching YouTube vlogs in her free time.

Her favorite foods are: boba drinks, Korean BBQ, and Chipotle. She also firmly believes that Wing Stop is way better than Buffalo Wings.

Lainie grew up in North Long Beach and commutes to school everyday. She’s been to Alaska, Missippi, Kauai, and Canada.

Fun fact: She has a birth-mark on her right leg that looks like a burn.

One thing on her bucket list: Lainie wants to go zip-lining!

I’m so glad I got this opportunity to get to know Lainie a little bit more! If you want to see her blog, you can click here!

Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Estalilla

I talked to my friend Anthony Estalilla this week. I met him last semester and we clicked right away. We decided to take this class together (just like every other class we’re taking this semester LOL).

Anthony is a first-year pre-major in Molecular Cell Biology/Physiology. He wants to eventually be an oncologist and contribute to cancer research.

One of Anthony’s many talents is his passion for volleyball. He played all throughout high school, and now is the captain of his very own intramural team at our school. He pretty much lives in the REC center. He also sings! Check out our cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” here. He also has a discrete love for Naruto and pugs.

His favorite foods include: ramen & Korean BBQ. He is Filipino american and grew up in Carson.

You can find Anthony’s blog here!

Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

This week our art class divided into groups and worked on a video project. Personally I loathe group projects and since I have a lot of tests coming up, Anthony and I agreed to do something simple. I feel as though video productions tend to be very time consuming so making a simple music cover seemed the most appealing. Luckily enough, Anthony happens to have a bomb voice 🙂

I already was familiar with how to play this song on the ukulele and Anthony (somewhat) knew the words, so we just sat in his car and shot a few takes. Anthony used his camera and edited and uploaded the video online! (He gets 90% of the credit tbh)

I Need Equality

I need equality because a majority of the world doesn’t know that feminism = equality.

I need it because I had a teacher in highschool who had the audacity to tell me and my friend that we would have troubled love lives because we believe in the equality of all genders.

Because that same teacher “taught” us as part of his lecture that decisions in any healthy relationship should always be made by the male.

Because I personally know boys who think that it’s a turn off when a woman makes more money than them. (They explicitly stated that they would never marry someone who has a higher income than they do.)

I need equality because I live in a society where every single girl that I’ve ever interacted with has felt or still feels insecure about their body shape & size, simply because it’s not up to par with “the ideal body type” and its standards.

Because just last week, two of my friends told me that women aren’t fit for important roles in life because they “always let their emotions get in the way of everything.” (One of whom was a woman herself.) 

I need it because after my passionate & appropriately heated response, I was told that I had just proved their point. Then I was told that the fact that women still struggle for equality proves that we don’t deserve it in the first place.

I need equality because all of our country’s social and economical problems are mostly being blamed on immigrants & minorities.

It’s a necessity because of the wage gap between different genders & ethnicities:   

I need equality because a majority of the world believe that sexism & racism isn’t an issue anymore, when it clearly is to this day.

Week 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

Last Thursday my art class held several differently themed photo walks with locations on campus. 

I chose Dorothy McMahon’s walk because I love water displays. Here is her description of the photowalk we went on.

My walk will take students to the different water displays we have on campus. From the fountain to the Japanese garden. To take photos of the water and the art that has gone into presenting it.

Here are a couple of the photos that I took!

This photo is of the water display in front of the Macintosh building on campus. 

Unfortunately for some reason there was no water to be seen (probably in an attempt to conserve the campus’s resources) but it was still a good place to take photographs. I love the contrast between the sculpture and its surroundings. I’ve never seen this water display working before so hopefully I can catch a glimpse in the future.

A couple of pictures of one of the most distinguishable landmarks on our school’s campus.

I honestly really love this fountain. I remember that during SOAR (CSULB’s student orientation) my group of freshmen were told that this is the destination for school photos, and I can see why. This water display looks really cool & unique. I think it represents our school’s abundance of academic diversity; a beautifully functional combination of both science, engineering, and art.

Some ducks chilling by the fountain.

I’ve never seen ducks hanging around the fountain, but they are just too adorable. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures of the cute couple!

Beautiful Koi fish in the Japanese Gardens.

Lastly, here’s a picture I took of some Koi. They’ve always been one of my favorite types of fish and our school has many beautiful ones. I live at Parkside so luckily the Japanese Gardens are a short walk away. I love to come here, feed the fish and just relax surrounded by the beauty of the garden. This was definitely my favorite part of the photowalk.

When I took these photos, I was looking for a minimalistic type of aesthetic. I wanted to take photos that showcase the beauty of our campus and show that it’s more than just a place for academic endeavors.

I think that my photowalk guide picked good locations to take us to. The water displays on campus were definitely great and interesting subjects for our photos. However, I expected my guide to do just that: guide us. Not only show us where to go, but also guide us through a little bit of history about the significance of these magnificent water displays. There was no communication between the guide and our group at all. We just followed her wherever she went. I think it would’ve been a lot more interesting if she had provided some sort of narration to our walk.


This weekend, I visited the Getty Art Museum with two of my friends. 

I’ve experienced the museum once before with my art class during my senior year of high school. A lot of things in my life are different now compared to a year ago when I first went there. Although many of the art pieces are still there and remain unchanged, my experience was still as beautiful and memorable as the first time I visited the Getty.

The breath-taking view from atop the Getty.

I’ve always admired how beautiful the architecture of the museum itself is. Not only is the art that decorate its interior lovely, but the exterior & view is too.

The view plus a cute little cacti garden.

Additionally, the Getty has such beautiful gardens. Personally I love pretty gardens just as much as a nice art gallery.

One of the many beautiful flowers in the Getty’s garden.

My friends and I enjoying a walk in the garden.

A corridor inside of the museum.

Here are a few of my favorite paintings.

“Irises” by Van Gogh. The first painting I’ve seen by him in person.

A painting of Venice.

I was awestruck by the perfection of this painting. I can’t paint/draw landscape or architecture for the life of me, so I deeply envy the talent of this painter. I hope I can visit Venice one day.

This photo is actually a small part of a larger painting. 

I was astounded by the amount of detail that the artist was able to put in, so I zoomed into my favorite portion and took a picture. Not only are the details on the people’s faces exquisite, but the small flowers are so incredibly defined that I was immediately drawn into this part of the painting. I love painting flowers and I was definitely amazed by all the different elements that went into this piece of artwork.

Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to visit the Getty again this upcoming year with either my boyfriend or my parents. It’s always a nice reminder to enjoy the small details in life, and how that’s where the true beauty lies.

Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Cathy Chin

This week I got to know my friend Cathy Chin a little bit better!

Cathy is actually one of my dorm suite-mates. Even though we practically live together I thought it’d be fun to interview her for my classmate conversation this week. That being said, we met last semester during the beginning of the school year. Cathy is really sweet & adorable! I’m so glad that I have her as a friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Cathy is a pre-molecular biology major. Although her career goal is still undecided, she is considering going into the research field or cosmetic science.

Cathy is a really talented dancer! She enjoys hip hop dancing and was part of our school’s Korean American Student Association’s 1st-year dance competition. You can watch her group’s performance here. Cathy also loves photography and cosplay. Additionally in her free time she likes to watch anime.

Her favorite foods include: Pho, Dim Sum, & strawberries.

Cathy grew up in South Pasadena and has never been outside the United States.

Fun fact: She’s been in a music video! Click here to watch it.

One thing on her bucket list: travel to & visit Japan.

I had so much fun getting to know Cathy better. If you want to check our her blog and see what questions she asked me, click here! ❤